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100. Surrender, yield all, without bargaining, to infinite Love.

Superlove: A Thousand Mystic Jewels from a Spiritual Megatrend


When a body-part becomes sick, you do not love it less. You love it more. In the larger “body” of humanity, when a person acts from ignorance, she needs special care. This is compassion. The wise do not abandon the ignorant. They serve them.

Brother Bird, Sister Blossom: Meanderings of a Franciscan Taoist

Many of the major and minor “screw ups” in our lives arise directly from the fact that we often make so many premature or careless, unwarranted assumptions about things. Or we assume that others possess qualities that they do not really have. Or we assume responsibilities that are not fairly our own. All these assumptions, and there can be thousands, form a collectively crushing burden, a virtual mountain of iron, of very heavy “baggage” with which we load down our minds and hearts.

Why do we do this? Again, it is simply learned bad habits; our mothers and fathers, like theirs, lived this way, and we are often simply unaware that an alternative exists. When we begin to monitor ourselves, however, we find that there is a new and better Way.

Perhaps assumptions, like expectations, can never be totally erased from the unconscious mind of the average person. But if we can strip away most of them, or even many of them, consciously, with intent, we can do very much to simplify and brighten our inner worlds, and lighten our loads. We can reduce confusion and uncertainty. We can learn to relax the psychopathology of the illusion of “perfect” control of our world by the conscious mind. Then, we can learn gracefully, gradually, to yield control to the Superconscious deep within.

Jehovah Goodbye

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In agape, universal love (of which eros, at its highest, is a subspecies), the will must become servant rather than the master. When Love is forced into servitude towards will, then conditionalism arises. This is the lie, “I will love you if…” There can be no “if” in real Love. Love loses its power and is replaced by counterfeits, if we add the “if”.

Luminous Jewels of Love and Light, vol. 1
(originally from The Universal Way of Love, 1986)